Korean Herbs

Discover the power of wild Korean herbs,
meticulously screened for our high-perforance formulas.


Red Ginseng

Fermented red ginseng is the most advanced form of ginseng that inhibits the
proliferation of harmful bacteria, which is the main cause of
skin aging, by boosting delivery of the penetration of
Active ingredients through fermentation.


Agarwood heals and protects itself with powerful antimicrobial efficacy,
and is a valuable, legendary medicinal substance.


Rich antioxidants and beautiful fragrance of gardenia flowers
have been enhanced by the unique technology of
a world-class stem cell research institution.



Nicknamed the 'father of all plants,' alfalfa is an ancient herb rich in natural proteins and packed with vitamins and minerals for powerful medicinal effects.



Legend has that a brave young man fought vipors to get hedgeparsley to save his town from a deadly disease. Known for excellent skin purifying effects, hedge parsley has been widely used to maintain clear complexion.


Dendropanax Tree

Sought after by the mightiest of emperors as the legendary tree of immortality, the precious dendropanax tree is known to fundamentally fortify and extend skin life through suppression of cell oxidation and cancer cell proliferation.


Opuntia Cactus& Young Raspberries
Opuntia Cactus

The opuntia cactus stays moist and green even in extreme cold with its extraordinary vitality and water holding powers.

Young Raspberry

Full of growth energy, young raspberries have been widely and intensively used as a stamina booster since ancient times.


Korean Mugwort

Korean mugwort is known as the best of its kind, packed with rich nutrients and humectants that is essential to strengthen skin barrier and moisture balance of delicate skin of pregnant women and babies.